How to hire an estate agent


Thinking of selling your property? The best way to do it is using a estate agent. Estate agents are professionals who are guided by very high professional ethics. They not only guarantee you faster sale process, but will also help you get better prices. To be sure of getting the right realtor, here are some useful tips you can apply.

(1)Check satisfaction reports and feedbacks of past clients

A good real estate agent should demonstrate that past clients he/he assisted were satisfied with the services. Ask the real estate agent about the feedback from past clients and their contacts. Then, call a few of them randomly to confirm if the services they received were up to par. For those who have good websites for their operations, simply pull the clients feedback pages to read what they went through with the agent. If they give a positive report, you can go ahead and hire the realtor.

(2)Look for the realtor with legal and professional qualifications

Selling properties is a legal process that requires a lot of professional input. Because of the risks involved, it is important to only work with professionals who are legit. In every state, there are boards that license real estate agents within their areas of jurisdiction. The board is also responsible for maintaining discipline of the practitioners. Reach the board to check whether the realtor of choice is licensed and establish there are no complains from past clients. Besides, go a step higher and check with the board of realtors to ensure that the agent is listed with them.

Apart from legal authorization, make sure that the real estate agent is also an authority in property sale niche. This gives him/her command of respect and extended network that will take your property to more clients. Consider the following credentials for the realtor of choice;

•Certified Residential Specialist (CRS): This requires the agent to have undergone additional training in handling residential properties management and sales
•Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR): To get this, the realtor is required to complete further education in representing buyers in property transactions.
•Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES): The agent should be trained in assisting sellers and buyers in the age bracket of over 50 years.

(3)Check on the realtor current listings

Property buyers usually start looking for target homes on the internet. Therefore, you want a realtor who utilizes online platforms to get attention of all interested buyers. Visit that lists all the members to see whether your agent of choice is listed. Then, go to web pages to see the nature of properties they deal with and only use the one who deal with what you are selling. For example, if a realtor specializes in selling residential apartments and your property is commercial; you might consider getting a different agent.

(4)Look for a realtor with interest of clients at heart

While the target of any property seller is getting the highest ROI (return on investment) from the property on sale, the best realtor is interested in taking the relationship further. Just like you are selling the property, you might need to buy another, or have a friend who wants a reference. Therefore, the best realtor should be very committed in building long-term relationships. For example, the agent should have a vibrant online community, use incentives to encourage clients to remain in the network, or even provide special offers to them.

(5)Use a realtor who utilizes different marketing platforms

For property sellers, one objective is to get a buyer and sell as fact as possible. This can only be possible if the realtor utilizes various marketing options. Carefully check to ensure that he uses online platforms to reach diverse clients. You can do this by visiting his website, social media pages, landing pages, and other paid online advertisements. In addition to this, the realtor should demonstrate his wide network with other agents so that his property is also marketed in their portfolios. Other marketing platforms to check for the selected realtor include property shows, print press, and magazines.

(6)Find out from other realtors

Once you have narrowed down to a specific realtor, continue digging more information about him to understand how he operates. One way to do this is asking other realtors. You can ask for references from the realtor of choice and follow them online for their opinions. Remember to ask several colleagues and compare their notes to avoid bias.


Working with a realtor presents a property seller with a unique opportunity to get the process done faster and professionally. However, it is only the most committed realtors who will be able to sell the process faster and satisfactorily. The outlined tips will help you identify the best, enjoy the process, and get better prices.

Hiring an estate agent to sell your house: Is it a good idea?


Contribution by Susan Jones, House sales experts

Susan Jones Can Buy Your House Quickly

Susan Jones Can Buy Your House Quickly

Yes, it is the best idea to hire a estate agent. When it comes to selling property, sometimes it involves a lot of money and emotions. The process is complicated and involved risks are equally high especially when doing it on your own. Though any real estate agent can help you sell property, it is not a good thing to stop there; go a step further to work with a estate agents.

An estate agent is a real estate professional who is a member of NAR (National Association of REALTORs) that subscribes to very strict code of ethics. Indeed, their operational framework goes beyond the state law into a well defined framework to assist clients get the highest level of satisfaction. For estate agents, it is not just another sales job, it is a task that revolves around protecting clients, buyers, and ensuring that the sector is healthy at all times.

Benefits of working with an estate agent

(1)Estate Agents bring a wealth of vast experience

While it is natural for any property seller to focus on optimizing profits, the process can turn out very difficult if not guided by a professional. If you go it on your own, there is risk of getting stuck at the middle and the property taking a lot of time in the market. You lack the necessary experience and connections in areas that draw a lot if interest on the property market. Remember that even common agents are equally not as experienced and might stall the sale process. Because they do not subscribe to strict code of professional ethics, it is still risky to work with them. Make sure that the agent you use has the professional REALTORS mark.

(2)Estate Agents are the best in assisting you get the best prices for property

Estate Agents are vital parties in defining the properties prices and driving demand. When you hire an estate agent, he/she demonstrates the movement of prices over time and advices clients how to get the best prices. As an application of the best practices, an estate agent will not simply rush to have your property disposed, but will show you when a sellers market is likely and the demand of property is high. This will help you get the best prices and higher return on investment. For example, a good estate agent will show you using statistics how property market has been performing over the last several years so that you can sell when the prices peak.

(3)Estate Agents are experts in negotiation

The process of selling property can be seen in three major negotiation stages; the initial offer, counteroffer, and post-offer session. Here, you need a skilled professional to guide the process successfully. Estate Agents have applied the process for many years and will help you set the initial offer and negotiate with the client while taking advantage of the market to get the best for you. They will negotiate with the buyer’s agent and will be able to tweak everything to your advantage.

(4)Estate Agents are top notch marketers

The secret of selling your property faster and at a better rate is intensive marketing campaigns. Estate Agents utilize diverse marketing platforms to ensure that your property gets the highest exposure in online marketing platforms. Besides, they also showcase the property in property shows, network with other agents, and reach directly to clients in their contact lists. This will raise the number of interested buyers, keep the demand for your property high, and fetch better prices.

(5)Estate Agents make the selling task easier and keep costs lower

While the argument by many people who prefer for sale by owner (FSOB) is that estate agents charge a lot of money, the truth is that they end up using more. From the first moment you think of selling the property, here are the costs that the estate agents offloads from you.

• The seller does not need to incur cost of preparing and printing agreements
• The seller does not incur legal fee because estate agents work with their attorneys
• The seller does not incur additional costs on consultancy about adding value to the house on sale.

(6)Buyers have a lot of confidence with estate agents

In the real estate market, one of the most important things that help to drive sales is buyers’ perception. Because of their strict code of ethics, more buyers prefer to use their platforms because they know that all their interests are taken care of. Therefore, instead of using FSBO (for sale by owner), it is advisable to use professional estate agents and you will be surprised to have your property sold faster than you think.


The best way to sell property is working with professional estate agents because they have a lot of experience and interest of all parties within their operational code of ethics. To them, it is not simply about selling and earning a commission, but giving you the very.